STEM Teacher Training Network of the Netherlands


Dutch Center of Expertise for Teacher Training in Mathemathics and Science Education (STEM teacher training)
  • ECENT – Science
  • ELWIeR – Mathematics (‘Wiskunde en Rekenen’)


ECENT and ELWIeR contribute to the quality of Dutch teacher training institutes:

  1. Annual Conference
    All ‘learning communities’ in the area of STEM teacher training meet at the Annual May Conference for exchange and update of both didactical and content knowledge.
  2. Networking
    Exchange of ideas between the different teacher training institutes, both for primary and secondary education
  3. Knowledge sharing
    Building and maintaining the website for use by teachers and students of dutch teacher training institutes
  4. Research
    Support teacher trainers to do (didactical) research themselves and build stronger connections with researchers

Kools, Q., & Keijzer, R. (2019). Mathematics teacher educators’ professional development as by-product of practice based research: the elwier research group. Paper presented at the EApril 2018, Portorož, Slovenia.


ELAN, Universiteit Twente, Enschede iPabo, Amsterdam Hogeschool Utrecht Freudenthal Instituut, Universiteit Utrecht SLO, Amersfoort


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Gerald van Dijk
Hogeschool Utrecht
Vincent Jonker
Ronald Keijzer
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