Lerarenopleidingen Science en Wiskunde/Rekenen

De ontwikkeling van een diagnostisch instrument voor de vaststelling van specifieke intuïtieve ideeën over stroom en spanning

Tijdschrift voor Didactiek van de Beta-wetenschappen, uitgegeven door het Freudenthal Instituut, Universiteit Utrecht in de periode 1983-2014

Licht, P.

Tijdschrift voor Didactiek van de Beta-wetenschappen
1988 – 6(2), 99-114

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A number of educational studies point out that pupils use their intuitive ideas and beliefs about the natural world not only before but also during and after formal education. It is difficult to trace and diagnose these ideas in classroom teaching. In this article we describe the development of a diagnostic test, as a first step to determine the possible existence of certain coherent intuitive ideas about current and voltage; ideas which are already traced by previous research among other pupils. The intermediate result of this test development is a test of 28 questions including 4 more or less reliable scales concerning ‘current consumption’, ’the battery as a constant current supply’, ‘local and sequential reasoning’ and ’the lack of or an incorrect discrimination between current and voltage’.

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