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Alert 141 – Symposium over games en modeling (1 en 2 okt. 2014)

Asia-Europe Symposium on Simulation & Serious Games
Second Asia-Europe Symposium on Simulation & Serious Games

Oct 1-2, 2014, Zwolle (windesheim), The Netherlands

In May 2012, The First Asia-Europe Symposium on Simulation and Serious Games was held in Singapore. It focused on the discussion of enabling technology and methodology for Serious Game design and development. Efforts were also be made to study the various applications of serious games including education and training. Best papers presented to the workshop were selected as book chapters published in a book by Springer in Dec 2013.

The second Asia-Europe Symposium on Simulation and Serious Games welcomes contributions from academic researchers, educators, industrial developers, and government policy makers on the latest research and development of Serious Game and their education applications in Asia and Europe. Topics of the symposium will include but will not be limited to:

  • Enabling Technology for Serious Games such as Game Engines, Interactive Graphics, VR, AI, Natural User Interface,
  • Online Serious Games, Mobile Serious Game, Social Media and Serious Games
  • Methodology for Design and Development of Serious Game
  • Serious Game Testing and Evaluation, Scoring System and Assessment
  • Serious Games in Primary, Secondary and Tertiary EducationsSerious Games and STEM education
  • Gifted Education using Serious Games
  • Special Needs Education using Serious Games
  • Serious Games for Vocational and Professional Training, etc.
  • Simulation and Virtual Worlds


  • Special Thematic Session 1: Sport and Digital Technologies
  • Special Thematic Session 2: Special Needs Education
  • Special Thematic Session 3: STEM Education

Selected works presented at the symposium will be invited to submit full papers to be published in a book by Springer.


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