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New book publication: Conducting Educational Design Research (2nd Ed.)

About the topic

Educational design research blends scientific investigation with the systematic development and implementation of solutions to educational challenges. Empirical inquiry is conducted in real learning settings – not laboratories – to craft effective solutions to the complex challenges facing educational practitioners. At the same time, the research is carefully structured to produce theoretical understanding that can serve the work of others.

About the book

Conducting Educational Design Research, 2nd Edition has been written to support graduate students as well as experienced researchers who are new to this approach. Part I describes the origins, outcomes, and generic approach. Part II discusses the core processes of the generic approach in detail. Part III recommends how to propose, report, and advance educational design research.

What’s new in the 2nd edition

In addition to expanded treatment of research goals and practicalities, more examples, and attention to design-based implementation research, this new edition features enhanced guidance. For each of the four core processes, this volume offers:

  • assessment tools
  • detailed, behind-the-scenes descriptions of actual project work
  • examples of how specific theories have been used to enrich the investigations

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McKenney, S. & Reeves, T. C. (2019). Conducting educational design research (2nd Ed.). London: Routledge.


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