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Methodologische aspecten van protocolanalyse Methodological aspects of protocol analysis

Tijdschrift voor Didactiek van de Beta-wetenschappen, uitgegeven door het Freudenthal Instituut, Universiteit Utrecht in de periode 1983-2014

Jochems, W.

Tijdschrift voor Didactiek van de Beta-wetenschappen
1986 – 4(1), 1-18

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Rather recently Dutch research on didactics shows an increasing interest in the use of qualitative methods, especially the analysis of verbal protocols. This makes a critical reflexion on these methods necessary. True, they make it possible to exteriorise cognitive operations, so that these can be observed. However, they also may have serious methodological defects that throw doubt upon the quality of the results obtained by these methods. This paper presents a number of critical notes concerning the analysis of verbal protocols in particular. After having described the psychological background, the essence of these methods is discussed and illustrated. Next some of the most important weaknesses pass in review. Finally, recommandations are suggested which, from a methodological point of view, tend to improve the quality of these methods and the results thus obtained.

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