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Tijdschrift voor Didactiek van de Beta-wetenschappen, uitgegeven door het Freudenthal Instituut, Universiteit Utrecht in de periode 1983-2014

Van der Loo, F. A.

Tijdschrift voor Didactiek van de Beta-wetenschappen
1991 – 9(3), 177-200

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Both in environmental policy and in environmental education sustainable development is a key concept at present. At the same time the concept is criticized because it is not well-defined and interpreted in various ways. Yet, being used as a key concept in a curriculum document on environmental education, it should be welldefined and operationalized at a concrete level. So, the question is: what should students learn in respect of the concept sustainable development? Curriculum development on environmental education should attempt to answer this question from different perspectives: society, the students themselves and the regular schoolsubjects. Taking the perspective of society, this article presents an analysis of the concept sustainable development as it is used in environmental science and environmental policy. From this analysis a conceptual framework for sustainable development in environmental education is suggested.

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