Lerarenopleidingen Science en Wiskunde/Rekenen

Wiskundecurricula revisited Wiskundecurricula revisited

Tijdschrift voor Didactiek van de Beta-wetenschappen, uitgegeven door het Freudenthal Instituut, Universiteit Utrecht in de periode 1983-2014

Krüger, J.

Tijdschrift voor Didactiek van de Beta-wetenschappen
2014 – 31(1), 31-50

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Design and development of new mathematics curricula regularly causes heated discussions on matters such as content, learning materials, the role of teachers and assessment. What factors and actors are important for the success of a new mathematics curriculum? Historical research into the design and implementation of mathematics curricula in the past has the advantage that the processes are completed and that the results are known. Data of three mathematics curricula, selected from the period 1600-1900, were collected, analysed, described and compared, in order to pinpoint actors and factors which were important for the success of these curricula. A comparison with a recent and problematic renewal of mathematics curricula indicates that knowledge of processes in the past may contribute to prevent problems during design and implementation of new mathematics curricula.

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