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Innovatie Centra Academisch Bètaonderwijs – ICAB

ICAB staat voor Innovatie Centra Academisch Bètaonderwijs

ICAB organises conferences at which researchers and representatives from five different sciences (Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science) meet, share experiences, and discuss developments regarding e.g. curriculum development. In addition, I was responsible for maintaining the text on the website www.icab.nl

Conferentie 2022

On Monday the 30th and Tuesday the 31st of May, the ICAB conference 2022 will take place. This year’s edition will be organized by the science faculty of Utrecht University.

After being forced to switch to online education in early 2020, the educational community has learned a great deal about the new situation. During the ICAB conference we allow ourselves to take a step back and reflect on what this upheaval has taught us.

The program will start on the 30th with a keynote by Prof. Dr. Jacqueline van Muijlwijk-Koezen of the Vrije Universiteit, and an opening lecture by Prof. Dr. Maarten Vansteenkiste of Ghent University, followed by a diverse set of workshops.



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