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Improving reading and comprehending mathematical expression in braille

Thesis Annemiek van Leendert, Universiteit Utrecht Improving reading and comprehending mathematical expression in braille References Van Leendert, A. J. M., Doorman, L. M., Drijvers, P. H. M., Pel, J. and van der Steen, J. (2019). An exploratory study of reading mathematical expressions by braille readers Journal of Visual Impairment and Blindness, 113(1), 68–80. 10.1177/0145482X18822024 Van…

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FI Scientific Library

Scientific publications from the Freudenthal Institute, Utrecht University. Theses and other publication, starting in 1990. Van Dijke (2021). Introducing Statistical Inference: Design and Evaluation of a Learning Trajectory. Utrecht University, Utrecht. (FI Scientific Library 109) Wijnker, W. (2021). The Unseen Potential of Film for Learning. Film’s Interest Raising Mechanisms Explained in Secondary Science and Mathematics…

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Quality and impact of practice-oriented educational research

Suzanne Groothuijsen Thesis “Quality and impact of practice-oriented educational research”. Universiteit Utrecht – Freudenthal Institute – Scientific Library, nr. 107. Groothuijsen (2021) Practice-oriented educational research is scientific research emanating from and being conducted in educational practice with collaborative involvement of relevant stakeholders, and building on and aiming to contribute to both educational research and practice….