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Educational Studies in Mathematics 87(1)

Educational Studies in Mathematics 87(1), september 2014

  • The role of concrete materials in Emma Castelnuovo’s view of mathematics teaching
    Fulvia Furinghetti, Marta Menghini Pages 1-6
  • PISA, TIMSS and Finnish mathematics teaching: an enigma in search of an explanation
    Paul Andrews, Andreas Ryve, Kirsti Hemmi, Judy Sayers Pages 7-26
  • Chinese and Singaporean sixth-grade students’ strategies for solving problems about speed
    Chunlian Jiang, Stephen Hwang, Jinfa Cai Pages 27-50
  • One speaker, two languages: Learning opportunities in the mathematics classroom
    Núria Planas Pages 51-66
  • Students’ images of two-variable functions and their graphs
    Eric Weber, Patrick W. Thompson Pages 67-85
  • Co-thought gestures: Supporting students to successfully navigate map tasks
    Tracy Logan, Tom Lowrie, Carmel M. Diezmann Pages 87-102
  • Transition from concrete to abstract representations: the distributive property in a Chinese textbook series
    Meixia Ding, Xiaobao Li Pages 103-121

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