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CERME – 14

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Congress of the European Society for Research in Mathematics Education


  • 15 September 2024: Deadline for submission of papers and posters.
  • 5 November 2024: Preliminary decisions on papers and posters.
  • 4-8 February 2025: CERME 14 takes place
  • cerme14.it

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we invite you to attend the Eleventh Congress of the European Society for Research in Mathematics Education (CERME11), hosted by the Freudenthal Group, in collaboration with the Freudenthal Institute, of Utrecht University. It will take place in Utrecht, the Netherlands, from the 6th to 10th of February, 2019. CERME11 will be preceded by a YERME day for young researchers.

The Netherlands, and especially Utrecht University has a longstanding experience in researching and designing mathematics education, for which Freudenthal and his collaborators laid the foundation about half a century ago and that since then has further developed as a strong research community with theoretically and practically relevant output. So we can offer the European researchers of mathematics education a good academic environment for sharing knowledge. We aim to bring together people active in the field of mathematics education research from all over Europe, and beyond.

The plenary lectures will take place in the Dom Church, one of the oldest buildings in Utrecht; a ‘lecture hall’ without renown. All locations for the thematic working groups are in historical buildings surrounding the Dom square and within 5 minutes’ walking distance of the Dom Church… << read more >>

The European Society for Research in Mathematics Education started with CERME 1, in August 1998

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