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Welke microcomputer moet ik kopen?

Tijdschrift voor reken-wiskundeonderwijs, uitgegeven door het Freudenthal Instituut, Universiteit Utrecht in de periode 1981-2013

De Nieuwe Wiskrant berichtte vooral over nieuwe ontwikkelingen op het gebied van wiskundeonderwijs in het voortgezet onderwijs, zoals de vernieuwde tweede fase, ict in het onderwijs, de nieuwe plannen voor vmbo, zelfstandig leren, toetsen en examens, de A-lympiade, de Nationale Wiskunde Dagen, e.d.

Vonk, G. J.

Nieuwe Wiskrant. Tijdschrift voor Nederlands Wiskundeonderwijs
1981 – 1(1), 45-47

Which micro to buy? This question was directed to the Educational Computer Centre many times during the past year. A visit paid in August 1980 to the US. led to identifying two major trends. Personal computers are shrinking to pocket size while maintaining full keyboard, however with a change to liquid cristal display. The example shown is not yet ultimate in development. Schools would be better onto supply shared facilities such as printers, plotters, mass storage and communication devices rather than buy microcomputers. On the other hand software development for larger computers with high revolution screens tends towards a conception which deals with a multitude of applications, all in one same manner: The outward appearance is one of fine print including pictures with one can work by simply pointing rather than by touching the keyboard. The time that elapses before these new ideas are realized and become profitable should be devoted to the development of application software for nation wide education.

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