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Seminar – Data, Data Science, and Data Literacy: Implications for School Mathematics

Speaker: Gail Burrill, Michigan State University, USA


14-04-2022 – Time: 15:30 – 17:00 

The ability to work with and understand data is essential in today’s world. This centrality of data increases the need for quantitative thinking and reasoning and makes it more important than ever that using mathematics and statistics to make sense of the world should be a central component of schooling. Data Science provides such an opportunity. We will investigate what “data science” means and its connections to mathematics and statistics and to “literacy” (statistical, quantitative and data), examine what research exists related to data science in schools, consider frameworks identifying key practices and processes involved in data science, explore several examples, and discuss implications for the school mathematics curriculum.

Gail is a special guest of our seminar; here are some details about her:

Currently an Academic Specialist in the Program for Mathematics Education at Michigan State University, Gail Burrill was a secondary teacher and department chair in suburban Milwaukee, Wisconsin for over 28 years. During that time she worked closely with the members of the Freudenthal Institute on the middle grades curriculum, Math in Context. Burrill is the Immediate Past President of the International Association for Statistical Education, served as President of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and as Director of the Mathematical Sciences Education Board. She received the Presidential Award for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics, the NCTM Life-Time Achievement Award, the Ross Taylor /Glenn Gilbert NCSM service award, and is an elected member of the International Statistics Institute. Burrill’s research interests are statistics education, the use of technology in teaching and learning mathematics, and professional development for mathematics teachers.


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