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Mathematics education seminar – 26 oktober – Computational thinking

Sylvia van Borkulo

Universiteit Utrecht

The evolution of Computational Thinking: from hot topic to basic skill?

Mathematics education seminar
In Teams

26 oktober 2023, 15:30 – 17:00.

Computational thinking (CT) is gaining attention in education as a part of digital literacy and can be addressed in several disciplines, including mathematics. Much research has been done and many directions and methodologies have been explored, ranging from hard-core programming techniques to accessible “unplugged” approaches starting in primary school.

In this seminar, I would like to present two research projects, each designed to address CT in the domain of mathematics at the secondary school level using different approaches and tools. In the first project, commonly used tools were employed in a series of mathematics lessons to foster computational thinking. In the second project, smartphones and tablets were used to provide an engaging and accessible learning environment for students to practice CT in mathematics in a diverse array of tasks.

I will give a comprehensive overview of both projects, providing a discussion of the research findings and implications. Furthermore, I will give an outlook on future developments. Can CT be a basic skill for everyone in the near future?

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