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PISA-VET -> nadenken over mbo en wat daar nodig is w.b. ‘bèta-vaardigheden’

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International Vocational Education and Training Assessment


een initiatief van de OECD.

Zie ook Pisa.

The PISA-VET assessment project supports countries in strenghtening their skills systems by developing, piloting and implementing an internationally standardised assessment of outcomes of initial VET programmes, the analysis of the results of which will enhance comparative policy insights on how to improve the relevance, quality, equity and effectiveness of initial VET programmes.‌


  • 2026-2023, Pilot fase
  • 2030-2034. Large scale assessment like PISA (Secondary education) en PIAAC
  • Vijf sectoren: Automotive, Electrician, Business and Administration, Healthcare/nursing, Hotel receptionist
  • Assessment will take place in realistic workplace situations (not a pen-and-paper test).

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