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Educational Studies in Mathematics

Educational Studies in Mathematics (ESM)
is a peer-reviewed scientific journal within the field of mathematics education.

Founded by Hans Freudenthal, it first appeared in 1968. Published by Springer, the journal normally appears in 3 annual volumes, each consisting of 3 issues. The journal is paginated by volume.

According to the official description of the journal, it “emphasizes high-level articles that go beyond local or national interest”, and a typical article deals with “didactical, methodological and pedagogical subjects, rather than with specific programs for teaching mathematics”.

Editor-in-chief Starting year
Hans Freudenthal 1968
Alan Bishop 1978
Willibald Dörfler 1990
Kenneth Ruthven 1996
Anna Sierpinska 2001
Tommy Dreyfus 2006
Norma Presmeg 2009
Merrilyn Goos 2014
Arthur Bakker 2018
Susanne Prediger, David Wagner 2021

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