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1h4teachers – webinar (engelstalig) over ChatGPT in het onderwijs

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ChatGPT in het onderwijs, 29 januari 2024, 16:00-17:00, Een online 1h4Teachers ontmoeting

Deze keer verzorgd door Oliver Strasser, PH Freiburg, Duitsland


Zoom link 29 januari

“AI in the Classroom? How ChatGPT can support STEM Teachers” is a workshop within our new series 1h4teachers in STEM focused on the practical application of AI in STEM education. Aimed at educators, this session explores how ChatGPT can be utilized for student diagnostics and development of class content.

Key features of the workshop include:

  • An introduction to ChatGPT and its capabilities in the educational context.
  • Demonstrations of how ChatGPT can assist in understanding student needs and misconceptions, allowing for more tailored teaching approaches.
  • Strategies for integrating ChatGPT into STEM lesson planning and content creation, highlighting its potential to streamline educational processes.

A significant part of the workshop is dedicated to a discussion forum for educators. This segment encourages participants to share experiences, discuss challenges, and collaboratively explore how AI can further enhance teaching effectiveness and efficiency. The goal is to foster a productive exchange of ideas and best practices among peers in the educational community.

By attending this workshop, educators will gain practical insights into using AI tools like ChatGPT to support and improve their teaching methodologies in STEM subject.

Oliver Straser

ELWIeR en Ecent als één STEM