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HARP project on climate change education

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Project Hopeful And Resilience Perspective

HARP is a collaborative endeavour involving Masaryk University, Utrecht University, and the University of Vienna, that targets the gaps and inconsistencies in Climate Change Education across Europe.

Vacature 2024 – post-doc



The primary objective of HARP is to enhance the capacity of the coordinator, as well as advanced partner institutions, for Climate Change Education Research (CCER). This involves strengthening researchers’ ability to design and implement large-scale CCER projects, and thereby helping to improve the overall quality of CCER across Europe. To achieve this, the project plans to facilitate a variety of learning experiences, including workshops, summer schools, and mentoring programs that encourage shared learning and expertise.

The second objective of HARP is to develop a theoretical framework of CCE. The project will conduct joint research projects exploring CCE in formal education, non-formal organizations, and university settings. Four studies will be implemented with a focus on teachers’ CCE practices, students’ perceptions of climate change and CCE, the effects and students’ views of CCE programs, and the socio-economic context of CCE.

HARP’s third objective is to establish a network for CCE and CCER collaboration among various stakeholders across Europe. National stakeholder boards will be set up in each participating country, complemented by an international exploitation board to foster cross-border cooperation and sharing of research findings.


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