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A new formative assessment approach with digital tools

Title A new formative assessment approach with digital tools
People Peter Boon
Date 20-5-2021
Source Utrecht University, Freudenthal Institute seminar


Currently (2021) Numworx is working on new tools for formative assessment of secondary education mathematics curricula. The goal is to create and disclose better data to determine students’ capabilities and weaknesses, especially for formative purposes.

The traditional assessment approach of mathematics at secondary school is giving students a test per textbook chapter which results in a list of about 10 scores per year. These scores are primarily used in a summative way. To put it short: a student can enter the next class if the average is 5.5 or more. At a more extended scale three of those lists summarizes the information of student’s achievements in lower secondary education, used to determine achievable subjects in higher secondary education (mathematics A, B etc.)

This traditional assessment approach is quite limited if it comes to detailed formative information. Textbook chapters often contain multiple learning objective and subjects. Moreover, the same subject will be learning in different chapters on different levels.

A detailed cumulative overview that shows which subjects are mastered usually cannot be retrieved.

In this seminar Peter Boon shows a digital assessment approach that targets the generation of a detailed cumulative overview of student’s knowledge and the new developed tools that make it possible.


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