Lerarenopleidingen Science en Wiskunde/Rekenen

Mathematics and data education

De Royal Society beschrijft in dit rapport (2023) enkele belangrijke tendensen in de ‘functie’ (en inhoud) van het wiskunde onderwijs onder invloed van ontwikkelingen als: rol van data; rol van technologie.

Zie hieronder enkele kern-boodschappen uit dit rapport.

Key messages

  1. Mathematical and data sciences are everywhere, and their influence is growing. Our education system must adapt.
  2. The nature of the mathematical education that is needed is changing from ‘mathematics’ to a fusion of mathematics, statistics, data science and computer science; what we have called mathematics and data education (MDE).
  3. England has a system that serves some students well but fails too many. MDE will improve outcomes for everybody.
  4. MDE is for everybody up to age 18.
  5. MDE is not just a matter for mathematics teachers and departments
  6. MDE will require change across the whole system including:
    a. a new National Curriculum for mathematics;
    b. particular reform of pathways and qualifications from  the age of 14;
    c. assessments that provide accurate information about what pupils know and can do; and
    d. better use of digital technologies.
  7. The changes will take 10 – 15 years to implement fully and will need investment and careful planning. The involvement and support of teachers will be critical to success.


ELWIeR en Ecent als één STEM