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EU STEM Coalition

EU network of national STEM platforms


The EU STEM Coalition is an EU-wide network that works to build better STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) education in Europe. The goal is to shape STEM education policies and practices that foster economic growth, opportunity and well-being for all.

Together with policy makers, education providers and industry this network works on promoting new ways of delivering education and finding and sharing evidence-based solutions to skills mismatch in STEM. From reducing shortages of STEM skilled people to fostering new ways in which educational institutions, companies and governments can cooperate, this network provides a forum and knowledge hub for data and analysis, best-practice sharing and direct support

Bijeenkomst 30 september 2021

The next General Assembly meeting of the EU STEM Coalition will take place on September 30, 2021 in hybrid (partially digital) format. In a series of interactive presentations and workshops the participants will explore how STEM education can be connected to broader topics like the transition to environmentally sustainable societies, discuss the importance of Gender Equality in STEM, as well as the latest national developments in how digital skills can be integrated in the primary / secondary level curriculum.

  • Mariya Gabriel
  • Susana Solis Perez
  • Klaus Kaiser
  • Alice Fiser
  • Michae Caspersen

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