Lerarenopleidingen Science en Wiskunde/Rekenen

ICSE Summerschool 2024 in Praag

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Een STEM education Summerschool ICSE Academy, voor 50 deelnemers.

Van 28 juni tot 5 juli 2024, Praag, Charles University

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Vanuit het project ICSE Academy wordt dit initiatief genomen, speciaal richting docenten en docenten-in-opleiding (wis, na, sk, bio, inf.)

Organisatie: Martin Bilek (hoogleraar chemie-didactiek, martin.bilek [at] pedf.cuni.cz), Karlova University, Faculty of Education

The focus of this STEM Education summer school is bringing participants up to date in research and teaching practices in the field of the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), and refreshing and deepening the knowledge of meaningful and relevant educational practices. Topics will include inquiry-based learning and interdisciplinarity, cultural diversity and inclusion, connections to sustainable development goals (SDGs), and the use and impact of technology on STEM education. The summer school offers a blend of lectures, seminars and workshops on educational research and towards the diverse interests of student-teachers, doctoral students, teachers, teacher educators and researchers. Credits (3 ECTS) will be provided by Faculty of Education Charles University.

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