Lerarenopleidingen Science en Wiskunde/Rekenen

Open Schooling – om mee te experimenteren, ook bij bèta-didactiek

Open Schooling: Betrek meer mensen bij het onderwijs (ouders, werkgevers, ondernemers, e.d.)


“Open schooling” is where schools, in cooperation with other stakeholders, become an agent of community well-being; families are encouraged to become real partners in school life and activities; professionals from enterprise, civil and wider society are actively involved in bringing real-life projects into the classroom. (Hazelkorn, 2015)

Europese projecten waarin gewerkt wordt aan het concept van Open Schooling:

European Open Schooling Network


an ICSE initiative

Slotconferentie Phereclos project – Boekarest, Roemenië, 7-10 Sep. 2022

The “Lay of the Land” Phereclos conference provides a forum to explore, discuss and share the concept of Open Schooling. Open Schooling is a way of operating a school reflecting on external ideas, topics and challenges and incorporating them in their teaching approaches and everyday school life. In return, the creativity and potential of pupils and teachers are identified and they will become available to the community around them.


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